Sunday, 13 July 2014

Clear to say


Ok, so I seriously suck at updating anything! XD I think I'm qualified for the award of "You suck at updating your beloved blogs"


I love writing these things, but like I just neglect them until I get like an inkling of inspiration at 1:44AM in the morning, yes I do myself over. So much for wanting to wake up early and doing all these wonderfully creative things, or making sure I'm not too tired for work LOL although that isn't important, considering I'm still perfectly functional at work despite actually sleep walking around and having people tell me I should smile. No... I'm sleeping whilst working... leave me be LOL!


So what has been happening in my world? Not much to say the least, still trying really hard to draw more and to be more creative, I'm trying to find inspiration, but it's hard when most of my day is spent locked up in my prison (work). However, as most people would say, if there is a will there is a way~! I'm sure I'll find a way to break free of this repetitive cycle, which I am getting sick of. I just erm... haven't found that something to break from it. Any who I haven't done all that many pictures since my last update, so I will show you what minimal things I have drawn since.

Sorry that most of those pictures are instagram photos XD I tend to snap them for easy upload, I also tend to draw these images whilst I'm at work so I don't have easy access of getting these as digital copies, I also haven't used my scanner for a long time~ As you can see I still favour traditional drawing, it's just so much easier hahaha! I've also just noticed that my digital drawings... they're not on pure white backgrounds... they're grey... strange XD But oh well, doesn't matter. So there you have it and yes I lied, I had a lot more to upload then I thought I would LOL! I thought I only had like 3-4 images at most XD turns out I had more hahahaha~ Hope you enjoyed~

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