Sunday, 13 October 2013


Ok again I have been awful at keeping this on the go thing up to date, but in all honesty I haven't been drawing much, which yes I know isn't something to really be saying out loud. So why have I decided to post today? Because I have done some doodles, mind you they are some pretty awful doodles and were mainly aimed at the fact that I needed something to reference from for sculpting, yes I have decided to take up sculpting.

Guess what though? I know zilch about sculpting so erm... I've kinda thrown myself into the deep end, as yah do. I need to start from the very basics, like literally start from scratch, so if anyone has any tutorials they would recommend, I would be truly greatful~

Anyway~ let me share with you my not so wonderful drawings~

Oh and yes, I am trying to draw bigger, I suck at it... I can only draw small and that's not a good thing, I'm so not used to drawing on a larger scale, so much so that one it feels weird and two I can't get the anatomy to work... Yeah... I suck Hahahahahaha

Oh also if you're wondering, yes I want to sculpt anime based stuff, but I also really and I mean really want to sculpt some realistic stuff as well as some realistic fantasy stuff, basically I want to be able to make and do EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!