Sunday, 10 March 2013

Yolo Holo


So what's going on? I don't know hahaha, I haven't been drawing much lately =x everything lately has been doll related which yes is very bad T^T Sorry~

I'm starting to make it so that Sunday's are my drawing days, so I don't touch anything dollie related. Which is working a bit, so I dedicate my Monday - Saturday (Even though I work part time on Friday and Saturday evenings, but I am allowed off early most nights) to the dolls and Sunday to my drawings. That at least gives me once a week and the occasional in between doodles during the week? =D Sounds good to me hahahaha~

Anyway I have a small update, I have been mainly doodling, and trying to draw and at one point it got to me so much I was trying to imitate someone's style... which wasn't working for me @_@ I got angry at myself, and realized, I shouldn't be doing things by how someone else does it. I should be doing this by how I do it, what has happened to the me in my drawings? You stupid cow XD Anyway I need to keep reminding myself that I am me, and I will always draw in my own way. I refuse to be someone's shadow, cause I am king of my paper!!!! And pen of course.

Right, so what is it that I wanted to share? A friend and I have decided to occasionally give each other requests to draw in the bid to improve our drawings n_n which I think is a rather good idea. I requested for a drawing of her favourite doll character from my crew, and she drew Nakai~

I think it's such an awesome picture!! I absolutely love it =D She's done so well with the water colours~ I wish I could use them like her hahaha but colouring isn't my strong point and what's worse... is I think I've reverted to not being able to colour at all T^T need to practice!!!

But Yush~ In return she requesed for Holo from Spice and Wolf =B you may have seen the title hahahaha!!

Just a simple black and white drawing T^T Tis all I can manage these days *sighs* I wanna also improve on my shading =D So I will hopefully work on that, but otherwise yush! Colouring is my enemy at the moment! And I shall conquer you!!!!!