Friday, 29 November 2013


Yeah.... I know, fail again. So much for on the go updates, I'm just not that type of person. I'll keep trying hahaha I mean it's been a month since the last one so it's not too bad? Lol! I've gotten really rusty lately, so I'm trying really hard to get it back. Been doing some finished lineart, I dunno if I'll colour them in, but I personally prefer line art hahaha! 

I've been looking at some Korean artists and getting uberly jellie, I hope that one day I can get as good as that *sighs*

Oh also unfortunately due to family happenings, I won't be able to do Christmas Cards, well I say I won't but I'm gona try with all my might to try lol!

Ah well that's it, hopefully I'll be able to draw more soon =D

Sunday, 13 October 2013


Ok again I have been awful at keeping this on the go thing up to date, but in all honesty I haven't been drawing much, which yes I know isn't something to really be saying out loud. So why have I decided to post today? Because I have done some doodles, mind you they are some pretty awful doodles and were mainly aimed at the fact that I needed something to reference from for sculpting, yes I have decided to take up sculpting.

Guess what though? I know zilch about sculpting so erm... I've kinda thrown myself into the deep end, as yah do. I need to start from the very basics, like literally start from scratch, so if anyone has any tutorials they would recommend, I would be truly greatful~

Anyway~ let me share with you my not so wonderful drawings~

Oh and yes, I am trying to draw bigger, I suck at it... I can only draw small and that's not a good thing, I'm so not used to drawing on a larger scale, so much so that one it feels weird and two I can't get the anatomy to work... Yeah... I suck Hahahahahaha

Oh also if you're wondering, yes I want to sculpt anime based stuff, but I also really and I mean really want to sculpt some realistic stuff as well as some realistic fantasy stuff, basically I want to be able to make and do EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Ren and Kei

It has been ages since I've last drawn my two main characters, Ren and Kei~ Funnily enough Ren is the only one whose really kept her name, Kei however has been a bit more of a challenge, and he's the one whose had a lot of changes throughout the process of being one of my main characters. I should really draw these two interacting with each other more often, just at the moment stories and certain situations that they'd be in is kinda hard hahaha~! Small baby steps at a time.

Still just trying to get back into the flow of things, I've kinda changed the way I draw again haha, not so much the style but more the structure of my drawings, I'm hoping this will help me move forward cause at the moment I'm stuck in a stalemate.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Long Time

So it's been an awfully long time since I last posted anything, there was a period of time where I wasn't sure whether to keep this blog going or not. But the more I thought about it the more it made sense to keep my work separated, you see I tend to have more on the doll front seeing as I take a heck of a lot of commissions. But that also means that I lack when it comes to drawing... Yeah... Jatzu has been bad XD

Anyway, so I thought well if I'm gona do this I should probably do this blog as an almost on the go blog, would make me more pro-active lol!

So what's on the go at the moment? I've been trying to get myself back into drawing and currently it's just small doodles nothing big, I may try and work on colouring in and everything else. I've been reading manga almost every night now just to help my creative juices flowing, it's helped a lot cause I'm starting to get some good story ideas, yes my forever to never ever be completed storyline! 

That's it so far, hopefully little by little I can build up my drawing confidence again, cause I know I've lost it and an getting scared of drawing things that I reckon is too difficult. Back then I felt like I was invincible!!! 

Monday, 22 April 2013

Very quickly

So just a very quick update, but knowing me I will end up babbling on XD

Right I haven't exactly been well behaved when it came to my drawings, I just keep on looking back and getting all in awe of my old self, where my drawings were fun~ But these days they're just as stiff as my wrist *sighs* not cool I tell ya. So I'm trying to find ways of reviving that, passion? Maybe it was because I read more manga and novels and watched crap loads more anime then I do these days. My imagination and creativity just really escapes me and well it's hard, especially when most of your time is spent doing real life stuff hahaha, or should I say adult stuff? Filing paperwork, dealing with complaint phone calls isn't really the way to ignite anyone's creativity. Not in my case anyway.

I've been proud of one drawing that I've done recently~ Couldn't post it up cause I had to ask for permission, you see the picture is of a friend's chest pwuhahaha~ Didn't take much to convince them, so all is well.

Thank you friend~ You have been a very good model thus far XD hopefully we'll get a few more interesting poses in there XD Then we're talking business eh? Yes that so far has been the most exciting thing to happen hahahaah~ I'm actually pretty proud of that hand, I hate foreshortening and perspective and... it just never works for me!! But this one... yeah... it worked haha~

Now to dampen the mood with some really crap doodles hahahaha~

Well that's it... yup... I have been pathetic. Let's hope I find some inspiration soon, otherwise I dunno what's gona happen.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Eh hehehe.... yes... my drawing on Sunday's seem to have fallen through =x I'm kinda deviating from everything, however I have been pretty good and creative lately~ Been sculpting and I did a bit of drawing =D Whoo?

But yush~ I was looking through some old sketchbooks and found a few ideas that I'd sketched but forgot all about, so never really continued with them, and this is where I found Maurice =D

Yes Maurice is a woman! I know I know, it's a man's name. But yeah I couldn't leave her naked and I wanted to draw her in something sleek and sexy. And yes... this is what my brain came out with XD She originally had an open shirt, like in the drawing. But she also had shorts, which we all know isn't as sexy as a pencil skirt, tight constrictive clothing all the way? XD I'm not a perv I swear hahaha! But yeah, I dunno I fancy having someone whose amazingly active but in a pencil skirt. The feet are fail, DON'T LOOK AT THE FEET!!! I love her hair, I made it longer just for the whole wooshy movement =P Slowly picking up my colouring, still trying to find my way. I'll get there eventually. Hopefully.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Yolo Holo


So what's going on? I don't know hahaha, I haven't been drawing much lately =x everything lately has been doll related which yes is very bad T^T Sorry~

I'm starting to make it so that Sunday's are my drawing days, so I don't touch anything dollie related. Which is working a bit, so I dedicate my Monday - Saturday (Even though I work part time on Friday and Saturday evenings, but I am allowed off early most nights) to the dolls and Sunday to my drawings. That at least gives me once a week and the occasional in between doodles during the week? =D Sounds good to me hahahaha~

Anyway I have a small update, I have been mainly doodling, and trying to draw and at one point it got to me so much I was trying to imitate someone's style... which wasn't working for me @_@ I got angry at myself, and realized, I shouldn't be doing things by how someone else does it. I should be doing this by how I do it, what has happened to the me in my drawings? You stupid cow XD Anyway I need to keep reminding myself that I am me, and I will always draw in my own way. I refuse to be someone's shadow, cause I am king of my paper!!!! And pen of course.

Right, so what is it that I wanted to share? A friend and I have decided to occasionally give each other requests to draw in the bid to improve our drawings n_n which I think is a rather good idea. I requested for a drawing of her favourite doll character from my crew, and she drew Nakai~

I think it's such an awesome picture!! I absolutely love it =D She's done so well with the water colours~ I wish I could use them like her hahaha but colouring isn't my strong point and what's worse... is I think I've reverted to not being able to colour at all T^T need to practice!!!

But Yush~ In return she requesed for Holo from Spice and Wolf =B you may have seen the title hahahaha!!

Just a simple black and white drawing T^T Tis all I can manage these days *sighs* I wanna also improve on my shading =D So I will hopefully work on that, but otherwise yush! Colouring is my enemy at the moment! And I shall conquer you!!!!!