Saturday, 27 October 2012

Crazy Life

Hello~ I have been back from my crazy trip for like 2-3 weeks now hahaha and I'm only coming round to upload the pictures DX sorry~ I'm trying to sort myself out a bit, I have too much I want to do. Trying to work in my full time job, do Fridays and Saturdays at the takeaway, working on BJD commissions in the evenings after work whilst trying to also keep up with the drawing @_@ yeah... I'm trying to keep to a sort of schedule just so that I can make sure I can get all the things I want done done! But anyway, I'm not here to share that part of my life with you~ I'm here to share photos~ This year I wasn't actually planning to go anywhere far, I mean Lyon was the only place I was planning to go, but then my Uncle announced that he was going to get married, my mother wanted to go to it but then decided to pull out, but then I felt bad so I went out for it, and by out I mean all the way to Hong Kong. I also decided that seeing as I was out there, I might as well also take a trip over to South Korea. I wanted to look for some inspiration because I think I want to work my way towards being an environment artist, but I haven't even scratched the surface of starting that yet *sighs* ah I was also lacking in inspiration for actually drawing. So yeah let me explain my schedule~

Flew out to Hong Kong, landed, then the next day was the Uncle's wedding. Then the day after I flew out to South Korea, stayed there for 5 days. Flew back to Hong Kong, stayed there for 6 days. Flew back to the UK, went to work the next day and then the day after flew out to France stayed there for 3 days and came back to home sweet home~

I have to say it was an experience and a half hahaha, Hong Kong and South Korea was good. I mean I went alone so at times it was a bit lonely and I did kinda wish I had someone there with me so that I could like just have a proper convo with hahaha but at the same time I got to a lot of thinking, so it wasn't all that bad =D

Anyway onwards onto pictures~ Cause I know you're all just dying to see them hahahaha.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't creatively inspired by this trip, I've had a few ideas floating around in my head, I just need to get myself actually researching and working towards it. I'm struggling mainly on clothes hahahaha cause well as you all know I tend to draw everyone naked XD so I think it's time I put clothes into the equation and that itself plays a big part of my idea kekeke. Now I don't think it's the lack of inspiration, rather it's the lack of knowledge. I need to level that part of my brain up, so that I can design more things~ So hopefully once I can sort out this schedule of mine I'll be uploading more drawings~!!