Monday, 16 July 2012

Meaning To

So not much has been happening on my end hah! I've just been taking loads of pictures, been using instagram quite a bit, it's a fun lil thing, like twitter but with pictures. Although I haven't been using it all that often, only for things that I see on the go, but this isn't about that.

I worked on a portrait recently, I'd been meaning to work on it. Hah! I say meaning to, this was from way back when I took the photo XD I took it, edited it and made note that it was a photograph I wanted to paint. And it's taken me 5 months to actually get down to it... Which is pretty rubbish of me XD I should really get my butt into gear and draw more often. My colleague at work told me that I'm wasted working where I am hah! I dunno anymore, but it's hard to get anywhere at the moment. So all I have at the moment is that I gotta try harder, and that isn't exactly what I'm doing, I'm at the bottom part of trying *sighs* I need to try more.

So without further rambling I'll show you the photograph and then show the drawing as well.

It's not exact I know, it's not like I can do an exact resemblance hah! Although I'm quite surprised with how quickly I actually got this done, I was expecting to spend like more then 3 days on it. But as it is I spent only about 3-4 hours on it XD So would this be considered a speed paint? I dunno XD Speed paints should take less? I dunno this is SPEEDY FOR ME! XD Anyway hope you guys enjoy~!