Saturday, 30 June 2012


I've been finding it hard to find any motivation to draw, it's really bad. I should be readily motivated already, but all I've been is deflated, and my plans that I told myself that I should keep to I never even actioned. I think I'm getting a bit too comfortable with my current job, that's the thing, when you get comfortable you lose motivation. Well that is with me, something needs to give and it needs to be soon, or I will lose it all completely. I need to do something to bring myself out of this comfort, or even this fear. I haven't got loads to share, I wish I did, and I wish I could make myself draw more. I know not much point in wishing if you're not even gona do it ¬_¬

It's nothing special I just wanted to try and draw something that was pretty-ish XD it's cause I was working on a design for a tattoo idea. Not for myself hahaha, for one of my dolls, and I was sat here for hours deciding on what to do, and then I ended up drawing an angel cat thing, which is supposedly my take on a Sphinx. Don't ask, I kinda wish it wasn't like that and looked cooler... I dunno but it looks alright I just kept it XD

On another note, my sister came back from Malta and is seriously tanned. So much so it's quite funny~

If you haven't guessed already my sister's arm is on top and mine is on bottom, that is how much darker she is, it's like I don't see her for 10 days and she's like proper dark. I mean I know I was the one who picked her up from the station, but that was at night and I couldn't tell... haha

Right, I need motivation~!! BYASHA!!!!!! USH~!!!


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Mini sketches

Just some mini doodles from my sketch book, I haven't really managed to have time to draw, and recently I've been thinking that maybe I should change what I draw, like I draw mainly figures and figures only. But in the past I've had people like my backgrounds and even commission me for them, so I thought maybe I should pursuit that route, I don't particularly like doing backgrounds because they are hard XD and I haven't studied them very much, so it'd probably be a good route to take on, I would love to be able to do sceneries, like design them for sets films and so on. So maybe I'll start working towards that =)

Friday, 1 June 2012

Rush Birthday~

So today is actually Aku's birthday~ (A friend XD yes only I will know who she is I realise, but hey no harm in mentioning her name) However I didn't draw her anything... instead I drew a card for one of my colleagues whose birthday is on Sunday =P oops, I was running out of time and needed to get it done to be printed on a card DX it's such a rushed drawing, but I haven't drawn or coloured like that for some time now, so even though it's rather bad I thought that I might as well share it n_n