Thursday, 24 May 2012

Feeling Good

I know I need to try and update this regularly, but it's getting harder and harder so I do apologise. I haven't drawn in a while and well drawing again on Saturday night and then on Sunday felt really good, even though I was referencing a bit, I was trying to find my style again, which isn't working out very well. But it never does hahaha, and I will never settle, although it does look like my drawings. Just I want to know what way I want to be drawing in and I keep faffing around with more detail, less detail... maybe I'll do a bit of both cause in some cases it works wonders whilst in others not so much. So again nothing complete just a bunch of doodles, cause I'm seriously in need of getting myself back into drawing again, I think I'm intending on going to a museum this coming Sunday and just sitting there and drawing a bunch of sculptures cause that is gona seriously help me~