Thursday, 19 April 2012

Long Time No See

So my last update was what? Mother's day? LOL, yer I pretty much fail as an artist right now, I have literally no time, I'm sure I can make some if only I tried a bit harder, but if I did that I would have literally no life, but then again, what is more important to me? To be an artist or to have a life? I will figure that one out later.

So what do I have to share with you guys this time?? Just a few drawings, these I did a while back, so they're not really new.

These are just sketch ideas, things that are floating around in my head which means they aren't final XD although in that second image, it's my ideas for a character called Hyde. He's actually been a character for a long time, not as long as Ren or K but he's from the same story. Just he never had a form and I thought maybe it's time he had a form hahaha.

Here is a digital drawing of him, again I haven't done digital drawing for way too looooong. so I'm surprised it turned out alright hahahaha, my style has changed a bit as well... this is what not drawing does to you *sighs* but it's not too different, just there is well to me there is something different hahahaha~

Oh? And what is this?? It's a really shoddy drawing of a fireman XD someone was leaving at work and she was always on about her nice hot men, and how she had liked firemen, so I did a quick reference painting of a fireman for her. I actually pulled an image off google and reference from that... but I can't actually find the image now DX I added a bit of artistic license with the axe, and the face as well hahahaha, I was just like MAH JUST GIVE HIM A FACE DONE! XD As said it was a very quick painting, I did this in like 1-2hrs... maybe I don't remember but I didn't work long on it and it shows XD

So yer, that's all I have for now, hopefully, maybe, I dunno but yer let's hope I'll kick myself into gear *sighs*