Sunday, 18 March 2012

Day To Celebrate Mothers

So I've been very quiet on the art end of things, and to be honest this is completely my fault. Making excuses wouldn't cut it this time hahaha, I have had time-ish but I just haven't been drawing, well I do occasionally whist at work and then I throw it away... they're all just sketches nothing worth showing/sharing. So yer... I've been trying to catch up on anime, I have way too much to watch. Running out of space on my hard-drive which has forced me to try and marathon everything!!

Anyway, today is as guys in the UK will know Mother's day~ I know it's different for every culture and all so I know it's not just the UK but yer... anyway, I didn't buy anything... and my plan to pre-make something failed... instead I ended up making it on the day... hahahaha~

So, what did I make? Well the original plan was to get flowers, but the old man has serious hay fever, putting real flowers out of the question, I suggested to my sister that we did origami flowers and the convo went like this:

Sister: No, we did that one already, so let's get her flowers.
Jatzu: But we always do flowers, and the old man will sneeze like hell. Plus origami flowers was done like over 10 yrs ago, and there was no we in that, -I- made them you didn't help.
Sister: No, I suggest we buy flowers, you've already done the origami.
Jatzu: ...

What happens?? She doesn't get the flowers ¬_¬ and I made origami flowers XD

I can only make Lilys, so today I learnt how to make Tulips and Kusudama Flowers, they were relatively easy, I attempted to make a rose... that failed horribly, so I gave up. So much paper wasted on that, I learnt how to make Day Lilly and Cornflower... but they weren't as pretty, so I didn't use them. I want to learn how to make a lotus~ it looks really nice hahahaha there is also this rose holder thing that I want to make XD ready for Easter~ that would be awesome hehehehe.

And here is an extra picture of my desk after I was done XD