Saturday, 31 December 2011

Last Post of 2011

I'm going to copy and paste this to both my blogs so I apologise if you're getting double posts, but, and there is quite a big but. I don't have enough time to upload pictures and write out two different sections, and both of them will technically be about the same thing. So, here I shall continue.

2011 has been pretty good for me I have to say, despite the lack of work in the creative industry. But it has been good in terms of other jobs such as customer service based jobs, I seem to be getting them a lot easier then anything else. I will be starting the new year as an office administrator, so that will be pretty cool on my part, the working times are stable so hopefully I'll be able to keep being as creative as possible. But this isn't just about me, this is to everyone out there who reads my blogs, I sincerely hope that 2011 has treated you all well, and I hope that 2012 will bring you all much much more~

For the last day I have nothing much to share, but for 2012 I will definitely have plenty of things to share with everyone n_n I have many plans to throw out there, so keep an eye out for me especially in the BJD section. As for the art section, I will kick myself and get to work. And may many more creativity be produced from us all who strive on it n_n

SEE YOU 2011
BRING ON 2012!!!!!

Friday, 23 December 2011


Just playing around a bit with photoshop layer settings, I've not actually been able to do this kinda of thing successfully until today XD so if I must say, I'm pretty proud of myself for achieving this kahahahaha.

Not much else there is to say about this, although I'm thinking of trying to get thinner lineart. Oh and I'm finding that my drawing is getting quite stiff at the moment, I need to loosen up a lot so as friends have suggested I'm gona have to resort to scribbling or forcing myself to draw within a set time frame, and then that will hopefully make me not care so much about my lines XD

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Array

Well I exaggerate at it being an array hahaha, I don't really have that much. So let's get started.

I'll post the Christmas Card designs at the end cause I know not everyone has received theirs and I don't want to spoil it hahahaha.

So lets start with the image I did for my dad, I finished this last night. My drawings have been getting a bit EUGH! lately, my line work is a mess, and my colouring is far worse. I think I'm going through a pretty bad patch in drawing, so I will definitely need to practice, need to give myself a kicking.

I actually recoloured this picture like a good 3 times, I even had some fuzziness due to the paper going on when I was colouring it at first. I'm still not happy with it and I think it could do with a bit of something else. I dunno, I think I value very clean linework and a clean style of colouring for my drawings. Whilst I do love the messy style, but to me it doesn't suit the way I draw *shrugs* I'll figure something out eventually hopefully T^T

Next is a Secret Santa image I did for Arrow on Sweat Drop, due to the fact that I'm running low on creativity cause my brain sucks right now, I did some fan-art of his characters from his comic which you can read HERE

The colouring again *sighs* and the girls head ¬_¬ I won't say anymore, cause I'm just gona end up hating it hahahaha which I don't want to. But yer, as you can see I'm not very creative. Not that I was in the past but ya know, I kinda need to up a gear, well try to at least.

Finally last but not least, the Christmas Card Designs. This year I went for quite a not so chibi style of drawing, I think I ended up with like cute Shojo-ish drawings... LOL I'm completely going all over the place with the way I draw, but everything as it was last year, was all done traditionally, and coloured in using markers. I'll list my tools.


-Blue Mechanical Pencil
-Pilot 0.2 Drawing Pen
-Neo Piko Markers

I was so stuck that I'm surprised I managed to draw so many different ones, I'll say this now, but I think next year I might do a set design and send it out to everyone. Just watch me go off and do all kinds of designs -again- for next year XD

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sushi Time

Ok so I have been updating a lot on the photography side, don't worry I haven't lost my passion for drawing, it's just I'm going through a sort of dry patch. If you can call it that, what's happening is I'm drawing, but it's not coming out to how I want it, so it's getting on my nerves, and that makes me seek creativity in other areas. So today my family did like a mini in house party, lol it wasn't really a party, but we were planning to have some food with some family friends, and there was this mix-up and so on. But that's with the adults, I'm just the kid so I have no say in the matter.

So moving onto the sushi, my old man used to be a sushi chef so everyone in the family is like MAKE SOME SUSHI PWEAZE~ and I took this opportunity to take some pictures of when he was making it =P

So there you have it, the mini sushi party at my place XD well not my place, but ya know I kinda live here as well hahahahaha.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Winter Wonderland

So I went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park today, I met up with Krowbar and her friend Izzy n_n although I was supposed to be working on Christmas cards, which I will get back to in a moments of time hahaha well after updating this blog that is. Oh and just to shove it out there I have 9 Slots left for people who would like to receive a personalised card from me, unfortunately these are only open to those whom are in the UK. If you would like one drop me an e-mail at jatzulam[at]hotmail[dot]com =D My friend over at Victoria Stitch [LINK] is also offering Christmas cards go check it out n_n

Anyway, I have pictures to share from Winter Wonderland, they aren't like the most amazing of photos. I was rained on, and yes that shall be my excuse pwuhahahaha.

And it is ended with WAFFLE!!! It looked uber nice, but I knew that I wouldn't be able to eat it, the last time I had chocolate waffle, it was so sweet I couldn't eat the whole thing hahahaha. But I'm sure Krowbar enjoyed it in her stomach mwuhahahaha. I realised I should have taken a picture of Izzy and her large lollipop too, but the thought didn't occur to me and what's more, I think she would have devoured the monster by now~

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Painting Practice

So I have been doing the odd bit of drawing, I failed to get the job that I went and interviewed for, I actually did really want the job cause it just seemed so cool even as a runner position, I could have learnt so much!!!! But alas I didn't get it and then I ended up in a slight slump, which is bad. But it's alright, I pull myself back up really easily. And then it all turns into a sort of motivation, so I decided to do a pick me up drawing XD Seeing as I mainly draw Asian male portraits, this time I decided that I wanted to do a female, and a Caucasian one too XD

I used Lucem's photograph 'Orange Bunny' as reference for this [LINK] She has very nice photography so do check her out n_n

There are quite a lot of mistakes in this image, which as the hair DX I'm quite proud of the eyes XD not so much the eyebrows. Her neck is a bit fail... necks... I don't like painting them cause they are so hard to get right... if you don't get the shadowing right, it just looks like a slab of colour that is attached to the head DX not a good look I tell you. Her hair is disastrous, although I got a tip to not be too OCD about hair strands and I should just bring out the highlights and so on, like in the image I did for my friend. I will have to remember that cause yes it does look a lot better then what I've done here, so hopefully I'll get it right for next time XD