Tuesday, 22 November 2011

London Sketch Together #4

So I haven't arranged one of these for a rather long time, and that was due to it being the summer holidays (where everyone went abroad including me XD) and the fact that I got a job which was unstable based on the times that I would be working, seeing as I held these mainly on Sunday's and I had to run Sunday's on my own at times with only one days notice... yer fail much on organisation? Very much so. Anyway, so I arranged an LST on the 20th November 2011 at the Natural History Museum only 3 of us turned up. Which I'm not surprised about because the Victoria line was closed, so it was hard for people to travel. I didn't draw that much, much considering the fact that I've never drawn bones before I did quite well, could still do with some proportions and such hahahaha, but it was fun n_n I got lazy and didn't scan the images I just took pictures of them instead.

Funnily enough whilst I was drawing a girl had come up to me and asked if she could take a picture of me whilst I was drawing XD That I have to tell you is a first for me, so I was like if you really want to you're free to take a picture. I have pictures from the Museum... but I won't load them all up on here XD feels a bit like spamming hahaha, also I fail at drawing birds, but seriously they are so hard to draw!!!

All my pictures are rather blurry, I also didn't managed to stay til the end, cause my dad called me and was like "Jatzu, your mum is planning to go out and have dinner, come home ASAP." So I was like "O_o alright I'm coming home now." But we didn't go out in the end XD the mother '大人' changed her mind hahahaha.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Kimono Girl

I haven't drawn for a while now, and since quitting my job I didn't really get any motivation back. So I'm just trying to get myself back into it all. I noticed that I haven't drawn any Kimonos before, and there is a reason behind why I don't draw them. They are bloody hard XD So this is my attempt at it, and also my first attempt with using patterns, and I'm glad I did, cause well. I think otherwise this drawing was going to be rather bland. So please enjoy~