Saturday, 15 October 2011

Last Day

So the last day has finally come and gone for me, ok that sounded really depressing. It's not really it's a just a rather weird feeling if ya get what I mean. I'll be going back to my old lifestyle of drawing everyday, and hopefully with a bit of luck I'll continue to improve. However I guess it isn't down to luck, it's down to the determination. Anyway I wanted to share this, despite the fact that I was gona wait till I had officially ended my day at work to open my Figmas I got tempted and opened one out of the two. I unraveled Strength from Black Rock Shooter.

Yer that is a rather crappy picture, but I took it using my iPod Touch so it's the best you're gona get XD I will take better pictures in the future, cause she is just amazing. I got so excited whilst I was opening her it was just funny, I laughed at how child like I could get over toys XD Her arms are amazing, and I can really tell the difference between her and Arnval. I'll be opening my Miku tomorrow n_n WAHOOOO~!

This wasn't the only thing that I wanted to share, I wanted to also share a drawing I did. I used it as a card to say thank you to the people at work. It was really last minute, so in my bid to do something remotely decent, I drew a picture of myself with flat colours.

Quite a silly drawing yer? Yer... I agree hahaha.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Won Bin Portrait

So as I waited at home for things to happen I amused myself by drawing a portrait of Won Bin.

Yes this happens to be another of my fandom, however it's a really bad drawing, so maybe when I'm back into the swing of drawing again I'll do a different picture of Won Bin, I also want to do another one of TOP cause my last one really didn't do him any justice. -sigh-

This just doesn't look like him... it really doesn't it's either I've looked at it for too long or that I've actually just drawn someone else whilst referencing him. T^T

My art skills are going down the drain as of the moment. So I NEED MORE PRACTICE DAMN IT!!!!

One more week and I will get to practice a lot more, so hopefully it'll help. I've kinda lost motivation, inspiration and creativity, I've been so stale for so long, it's affecting me really badly. Anyhow, don't feel like writing much either so I'm gona leave it at just that, until next time~