Sunday, 14 August 2011


So I did a freelance bit of work for the UEA, it was for their Japanese Studies Flier. I had fun working on it, and to be honest despite having had to work it in between my work hours for my other job, it was a joy. I miss arting TT^TT would someone like to give me a new job as an artist?

On other news we also bought two new fishes, a Comet Goldfish and a Butterfly Ghost Koi XD
My mother wanted another Comet Goldfish but I wanted a Ghost Koi and I found that the Butterfly Koi's were cheaper, so went for one of those instead hahaha. Hopefully it won't get too big cause well... the tank isn't all that big and if it gets too big we will have to give him to my cousin who has a bigger tank hahaha.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Time To Be Proud

So as many of you will have heard about the riots in London and up in the Midlands (yes I'm a few days behind on this news), fortunately I was away in Scotland when the whole thing kicked off in my town. So I was pretty safe. But first before I go off into one about what has been happening recently let me just lighten the mood with some dust filled images I took. I need to take my camera to a camera shop and have it cleaned... I just can't get rid of the dust, and I can't even find the equipment to clean the bugger hahahaha.

As you may have noticed, my trip was pretty much Harry Potter themed. The list of locations are as follows.

- Durham
- Edinburgh
- Glasgow
- Fort William
- Mhalliag
- Carlisle
- Windermere

We were constantly on the move, and technically the only time we were resting was when we were at the hotel, so it was damn packed 3 day trip hahaha.

So back onto the topic of the rioters, I came back to Enfield last night on the 9th. And because my mother was worried about the store, we went up towards Enfield Highway/Lock area. There was a massive group of youths, because me and my family had absolutely no idea as to what was going on, we thought they were rioters. In the end it turns out that it was Enfieldians defending Enfield, they were out there to intimidate the rioters and to take back their town. I'm damn well proud of Enfield right now, good on you guys for banding together and working as a community!

I kinda wish I would do something for the community but in the end, all that matters is that the town came together and was co-operative with the police n_n

Anyway, hopefully the next time I update I will have some drawings to show n_n

Monday, 1 August 2011

Long Time No See

Wah! I haven't been on this thing for a while now, I went to Hong Kong at the beginning of July, and after when I came back I was loaded with lots of hours at work, seeing as I've ended up as the only available Team Leader, one of them is on holiday and the other one has just quit so yer, LOADS of hours on my shoulders T^T

Luckily I have had a couple of hours free and a bit of motivation for this one drawing, it was done for my cousin's birthday card n_n I had fun drawing it and do miss drawing a lot now. Hopefully I will get more time once more Team Leaders are hired. But anyhow enjoy this image for now n_n