Saturday, 18 June 2011

Commission Peices

I have no idea why I didn't post these up sooner...

Anyway just to show you some of the stuff that I have been commissioned to do.

First up will be Ditto TV, they commissioned me to do them a few backgrounds for one of their clients Mama Jeanius (I think I posted up the video but not the images that I actually did so I'll do that and also repost the video n_n)

Then finally will be Fitzrovia Youth in Action, these I did voluntarily because they are a charity group. Also good to give a helping hand once in a while. I helped them with three projects, one was their magazine and I did two comic type pages, one was date rape drug awareness and the other is smooking awareness.

The comic is rather childish hahahaha, but it does the job XD Jatzu's 4 panel comics about smoking kekekeke yes laugh away, they are indeed silly.
Next would be the the animated banner I did for their site, now lets see if blogger will let me upload the .gif [click the blank space below to view]

And finally the last thing I did for them was some animated bits and some drawings for their Shisha awareness video n_n

So there you have it the commission work I have done so far XD not much I know, but I will get there eventually.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Daily Practice

I'm trying to get myself to draw daily, otherwise I will get rusty and that won't be good. So I will apologise seeing as there might be a few times where I'm updating everyday, but don't worry, I will only update the things that I like the look of XD. So today is going to be a simple drawing, to those whom read Bleach by Tite Kubo. Yes I did "borrow" the design of clothing from one of the Arrancar characters. Also very simple colouring, I dunno if I want to go for a painty look although I do love the style and all those whom can achieve it, I don't know if it will go with the way I draw, anyway enjoy the drawing!!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

What is that?

I wanted to draw but didn't know what to do, so a friend suggested that I started from a silhouette. He showed me a few videos, which explained the process, I'm a bit of a noob XD had no idea how to actually go about doing this. But yer in the end I just did a blob and tried to make something of it, he said it looked like some kind of Pokemon, to me it's a random floating robot. . .

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Small Update

So since I got my job as Team Leader in Training XD I haven't had time at all to draw, although I did draw yesterday, but before then I hadn't drawn for like a week. I had been working a good old 22 hours last week, I know it isn't that much, but it is quite a bit for someone like me whom isn't used to being on my feet constantly. So to make sure I don't go rusty I did a bit of digital drawing, I've gone back to drawing with a thick brush rather then the thin brush XD

Ok so that's it. . .
Not much really. . . yer. . . until erm. . . I draw again?