Monday, 16 May 2011

오빠 화이팅!!

So I haven't done any drawings recently especially not digital drawings, and I have decided that I want to take part in Bobby Chiu's Re-Imagined Fairy Tale competition, although my ass is gona get thrashed by the other artists on the CGHUB forum. But that's alright, why? Because I'm only taking part so that I can level up my own art skills, which in a sense is a win situation for me.

So to start me off I decided to do a realism portrait of my friend n_n he sent me a few pictures a few days ago, and there was one of him on a motorbike and it just looked awesome. But I didn't draw it, I might attempt it or I might not. But I decided to pick a picture of him looking down, so here you have it folks n_n

There was no tracing, but I have to admit I didn't pick the colours myself, I actually eyedroped the colours from the original photograph.

His head is tilting down more in the photograph then it is on my drawing, bad Jatzu! But I tried my best, I free handed it all. Which I'm proud about, my realism referenced drawings are getting better, but there is still loads of room for improvement!!

Anyway wish me luck for the competition guys!!! Thank you!!