Tuesday, 26 April 2011

London Sketch Together #3

A bit late in updating about it XD I have been busy, I'm helping the old man out at the take away doing 7 hour shifts 3:30PM - 11PM gona be doing these til Friday and then 8 hours on Saturday, doesn't really leave me much time, I'm having to even skip out on my Korean lessons and I enjoy them as well with the new teacher XD he makes for a very awesome 오빠~

Anyway back onto Sketch Together, I didn't draw that much at this one XD it was kinda hard. I'd never actually been to the Imperial War Museum so it was all very new to me.

You may now tell me off for doing such small amount of drawing!!!! But I actually liked drawing the tanks and only the first tank came out well, I was sat soo close to it XD so I'm actually surprised that I managed. I suppose if I force myself to actually draw I am capable of it, but I'm getting to be such a lazy artist it's getting unbelievable. NEED TO KICK MYSELF!!!

And I have a few photos to share, these are courtesy of my Sister LamySmells n_n

But yush those are the photos, there are more but I don't want to upload them all and I took some on my phone, but too lazy to upload and they weren't as good as these reason? She took around my DSLR XD I should use that baby more often it gets neglected a lot and I only use it lately for BJD photographing, so yer need to find a chance to use it more!!

Oh also here are some more drawings I have done but not part of the Sketch Together these are just the doodles that I've been doing in the past week and it isn't a lot DX still doing character design and planning, hopefully once I have those done and sorted I'll be able to get a story going eh?

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Megaman Rejection

Dunno if some of you remember that back in December I said I was working on a piece for the Megaman Tribute Competition. Well. . . I didn't make it as you probably read from the title. [Sighs] So it is time to share the drawing.

Enjoy n_n

Sunday, 17 April 2011


Ok so recently I haven't been very good, I had my Birthday on the just gone Wednesday and then after that everything kinda went down hill for me. My confidence took a big boot, there isn't much left of it. I think if it continues to be picked on I will eventually lose the will to actually pick myself back up.

But whilst in the process of kicking myself back into gear and actually reminding myself that I ain't that weak I have old and new drawings to share.

I have to state I still really like drawing toes XD hopefully once I pull myself completely together again, I will be able to actually get my creative juices flowing once again.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Lion Squid

The title is in honour of the drawing I did roughly two days ago and right after that drawing I ended up with a drawing rutt DX Why the hell did that happen?

Seriously, you'd think that after completing something like this my art skills would have leveled up, but no instead I get thrown into a rutt. That is messed up. Anyway information about this piece. This was done on A3 I never work this big, so it was actually pretty awesome to be able to draw something at this scale, this is also traditionally inked with Nibs. I haven't done Nib inking for a while now, I was actually expecting myself to mess up XD especially when it came to drawing the Squid and Lion, and this also took roughly 10 hours for penciling and inking put together. Ooooo I almost forgot, I actually have progress shots so I will share here.

That's the process, not much else to explain there really XD blue pencil really helps, although I used a lead mechanical pencil. Blue leads are actually pretty expensive, but I found some on sale and OMG I AM IN LOVE!!! They help so much when it comes to penciling and well, when you scan in and change the settings such as Black and White Levels and then the Levels of the picture TADAA!! You will be left with only the actual inked in lines n_n Ah this piece has reminded me just how much I love and appreciate traditional inking, I know I always say that I should do things more often, but this one is a must do more often. [Sighs] I think one reason I'm in a rutt is because of my wrist, I think I have a mild case of RSI due to my uni days of drawing 30+ frames a day for 5 weeks. That was insane. I will need to rest it so no drawings for a while I think. . .  if I can resist picking up a pen or pencil XD