Sunday, 27 March 2011


I admit, I actually haven't drawn since the last London Sketch Together, which is actually quite bad. The thing is though, I either don't feel motivated, don't know what to draw or just don't have enough time to draw. But I managed to sit down at work and do a few doodles so yush these are the drawings I've done recently.

I can't believe that I actually did a cute shoujo drawing XD it's not really my style, but I was curious to see how my stick thin shoujo style would turn out like, and it turned out pretty cute. I'm more of a shounen style artist. . . well that's what I think. . . at least. . . I don't know XD I'm just Jatzu XD

Anyway enough of my ramblings I'm actually pretty tired =__= nothing new there.

Monday, 21 March 2011

London Sketch Together #2

Yesterday was the 2nd London Sketch Together XD I'm gona eventually lose count of the numbers cause I'm rubbish like that Kahahahaha

Anyway this months location was the V&A unfortunately the Japan section was closed, luckily we could still go to China, but I have to say. . . Korea was quite pathetic TT^TT I wanted to see more DX But I suppose the Renaissance section was the part that helped the most with a majority of naked Statues XD and also with the Greek section too.

Here are the drawings I did n_n

I was better this month with the drawings, but not so much on the organisational aspect again -_-;; I mean we managed to meet a new person and then we also missed another XD I will need to do a sign or something that says "London Sketch Together" or something, or just design a T-shirt or Hoodie that says it KAHAHAHAHA I'd be like a tour guide XD Oh oh oh I have pictures as well, some were for reference and some for musing XD Again the photos are blurry, my hand is not steady and I hate flash.

This pair of statues was my musing for the end of the day XD You see the man below? I was drawing him and then after I had finished I looked at the statue as a whole and noticed the pitch fork. My brain ends up going into imagination world, I had imagined that if for some reason that pitch fork was to come loose anyone standing just below it admiring the statue would be painfully impaled by it XD Then I came to the conclusion that if it actually did happen I would either piss myself laughing or I'd be totally shocked. Then I came to the rationality that I would most probably piss myself laughing cause I'd been thinking about the whole time XD Yes yes I am a horrible person with a very sadistic mind, but yer when actual people walked up to it to admire, all I got each time was the pitch fork coming down on them. It seriously is very conveniently placed though, you can't blame me for having an overactive imagination!! 

Me and Tek-Man ended up in Hyde Park after the whole Sketch Together, cause everybody else left and it was just us XD We'd previously had late lunch and even window shopped in Harrods. But the sun setting in Hyde Park was nice, a lot of peeps were taking photos so I thought I'd join in kahahahahaha but yush very pretty indeed eh?

Then finally when it started to get cold cause the Sun had set we spotted some rollerbladers/skaters, they were doing some pretty awesome tricks and all XD and they had good music playing too. Looked like so much funs! Made me wish I was skilled at some kind of sport, but the only sport I do is gaming XD and I don't even do that often either. Oh well, I can dream about it.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Heated Moments

Wah! So I'm a bit early in the day to update this, so I might have extra updates later on in the day when I do a bit more drawing, not unless I decide to update it tomorrow or at a later date instead.

So this is my Art Trade image for Tek-Man, it's actually been up at other places for a few days now, my blogger is the last one to be updated with this image XD

So onto some extra stuff, life isn't that great at the moment. I've just been a victim of card fraud TT^TT, but luckily sorted that out easily. Then mother complains about why I don't go on benefits, Eugh! That is the last thing on my mind. I'm comfortable as it is despite being un-employed, I'm doing things at my pace. So let me be woman, I will eventually get there and make my way into the art industry, these things don't just happen over night!!

Anyway to brighten the mood I have an image of Ren and K. my long term OCs that have actually stuck with me for quite some time, despite the fact that they have had name changes on the way. However, it's only the English names that have changed, I'm Chinese so naturally I gave them Chinese names too LOL and those names have stuck for like forever XD. 

They're having a sad moment, not that it reflects how I feel. Just felt like drawing them like that XD Ren's hair keeps changing, it's either long or short. I like her in both n_n But yush I should draw more images of groups, drawing just singular characters isn't really helping me improve on character interaction. Talking about that, I drew quite heated moments between them and another pair. . . but I won't upload those XD don't want to disturb you guys with my horrifying lovey dovey couple moments.

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Yush I have titled it Yawn, I am sleep orientated. However, I haven't been doing much of that lately lol. Why? Because I'm in work mode and work mode = 2-3AM bed time + 8-9AM waking up. Anyway onto a batch of the free request drawings XD

The second last one is actually an Art Trade, I have one more Art Trade to go =D I've received one out of the two already and I love it n_n [Art Trade By Tek Man]

I don't like the last one very much TT^TT it was hard, I'm not an animal artist. I mean I can draw really simple shapes for animals and pretend to fill it out and make it look like the intended animal. But this was just DX had to use 'The Baron' from 'Whisper Of The Heart' and 'The Cat Returns' as reference. I like the shoes though XD and yer I tried to experiment with like the blackness art style business, didn't go as well as I had hoped. . . oh well. Will just need to continue to experiment.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Painful Neck

My neck has been straining for the past few days, I actually gave in a bought myself a neck massager Homitech thingy. . .  it'll hopefully do wonders for my neck LOL I read the reviews and it seems to work fine apart from the it gets really hot and may burn your neck factor, but I can get around that easily.

I figured that no one really sees my replies when they comment so what I'll do is reply to them in the next blogs themselves XD

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Stephanie Moule : Sure I will do you an image n_n I've drawn Lex, I needed some more male drawings. Too many females at the moment, although they are fun and all. . . just yer. . . LOL I NEED ME SOME MANILESS!!! He will be the last of the images on this update.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Right onto the free request images =D

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Free Requests

Ok I'm actually really tired at the moment cause my neck is straining a lot @__@ Might need to go lay down and give it a rest. Bad posture = bad neck muscle straining pain.

 But D-YAMA makes it all good kakakaka anyway here are some of the free requests that I've done so far, will batch update them I think. I'll also work on commission piece tonight maybe after dinner =D

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

So the start of March

Ok so it's the 2nd day of March rather then the start =P but it's still the beginning of the month. So to start off I have received some requests and a commission which I want to do my best for, and in order to do that I have to draw a lot more and get over this stupid slump. Yush I'm having a semi drawing slump block where none are turning out right, and the only way to get out of it is to draw like there was no tomorrow, with the given rests and such cause of my spack wrist.

So today I actually spent most of my time doodling bodies, and then I thought about spending a bit more time on the drawings and this is what came out.

I rocked these drawings out whilst rocking out to D-YAMA he is my new found love LOL. But yer please excuse the image on the far right, I wanted to share it as well despite it being really blurry, not the scanners fault. It's actually the sketchbook, you see it got wet in the rain in Hong Kong. When it rains in Hong Kong it rains.  Which therefore caused my eco sketchbook to bend making scanning quite hard. One last point I haven't studied muscle structure before which = a lot of muscle guess work =P