Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday 27th Feb 2011

Meh I suck for a title today, I was planning to go to the London Doll meet but decided against it in the end. I didn't feel too good and plus the weather has gone poop on me as well with the heavy clouds and the constantly start and stop rain. Don't wanna be outside and I feel like being antisocial as well. I don't exist really LOL

Anyway this wasn't supposed to be I feel down post cause I ain't feeling down, just being a bit antisocial. So I have a few sketches to share, I've actually been doing a lot more writing then usual, in fact all the writing is actually for ideas of a comic I'm planning to do, but I just gotta jump the first hurdle again. . .  each time I come across the "I want to do a comic" feeling the hurdle of "I can't actually draw a comic" pops up. But the fact that that ain't true seems to help, cause I have made a comic. A very short comic, but it isn't online, yet. Just waiting for the competition to be over with first and then I'll share. But it's exactly the same fear I get when I'm thinking about going out and driving, "Jatzu. . . you can't drive". I have a license and all so I see no reason to why I would even think that I can't, and as soon as I'm in the drivers seat of the car and I'm driving it's all fine, cause I'm actually doing it.  So the same will happen with the comic, I need to instead of thinking I can't do it, that I can do it and just get on with it. I face loads of hurdles in life that I have managed to either overcome or avoid and well this one I ain't avoiding anymore. I will do an interesting action based comic and I refuse to not jump the hurdle!!!

On the high note have some drawings!!

Oh, I also got a moleskin sketchbook. Been seeing them used by a lot of artists so I wondered myself what was so good about them. But first thing first they are light, and the paper is actually pretty nice it's really thin. Also cause it's a kinda yellow shade, it helps if you're doing shaded base drawings. I have yet to try and ink directly onto the page, so I will give that a go next time =D

Monday, 21 February 2011

Sketch Together Week 1

Whosh! So yesterday 20/02/2011 was the first of the London Sketch Together meets that I had arranged on the Sweatdrop Forums, and it went pretty well =D

Although I do have to say, it was bad on my behalf for not being organized about what was to be drawn. Seeing as this was something I'd done for the first time and with people I'd met for the first time I didn't want to dictate what was happening [one reason I dislike organising things]. But all in all it was great fun, I met really good artists, and we even did like a sketchbook swap at lunch to see what we had all been drawing, although I'd been floating around and hovering over people's shoulders just to be nosy XD

I will link one of them here because he's the only one I know whom has an online blog thing =P once I find out the rest I will link them here:

Sephryn  [I really like her name Tis very cool]

Rightio onto my drawings, which I have to say aren't very pretty kakakaka I ended up drawing in pencil all day yesterday so the levels are a bit funny and also my paper has gone funny on me as well so you get some dark patches XD

As you can see, we mainly drew the Greek statues, well I say we when I should really say I cause that was a judgment based on my own drawings =P But yer by the time we had gone to the Japanese Section of the Museum my wrist had already started to play up and I was all drawn out as well so yer. Instead I have pictures, maybe I will reference from them later on, would be a good idea seeing as that was the reason I took the pictures. BTW they're extremely blurry kakakaka

So that was the result of the Sketch Together, which I'm gona try and hopefully run once a month. Just need to find interesting places to draw and go to and to be a bit more oragnised based on what we plan on drawing, but I'm sure I'll manage. There are plenty of places in London for us to draw and we can always recycle as someone else suggested on the forums =D It's nice to do life drawing once in a while and just to share artworks, makes drawing all the more fun.

Continuing from the Sketch Together, I actually went to a birthday party afterwards. I had initially planned on not going cause I was running the Sketch Together, but the family was there and so was dinner LOL so I ended up going in the end, and now you may have a picture of me and cake =P

 P.S. Did I mention that this is the 100th blog post I've made? XD

Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentines Sketch

Ok, so this isn't like the greatest piece of seasonal artwork I have done, in fact it may be one of the worse pieces hahaha. My brain was just so stuck, and instead it didn't want to do a valentines image it wanted to do character design. So I present to you Toki and Saru XD


Friday, 11 February 2011

Nathan Perspective Kill!

My brain isn't functioning very well at the moment so I think I will make this blog short, but can I just mention how much I love Yuki Kajiura's voice. She is up there with Kokia and Ayumi Hamasaki on my I like your voice list. Anyway back to the matter at hand, I have yet to figure out the right setting so for Manga Studio, I don't seem to be getting it quite right. So you may all have a full Photoshop image, I found that the more loose I am with the lineart the more happy I am LOL oh and also yer perspective kill!!

Did I even mention that this guy [Nathan] was an OC? What do I mean was? IS, he is an OC, need to work on him a bit more anyway he is there for your loving, enjoy.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Manga Studio

So today after sending my work off to Fitzrovia I started to play around a bit on Manga Studio, I'd spoken to a freelance friend the night before and thought I'd give it another go, cause the first time I used it, my tablet was lagging a hell of a lot and therefore put me off. But I tried it again today on the PC [I also own a MAC and do most of my work on it] and the result was this.

Not very impressive right HAH! I just couldn't really seem to draw right on it so yer, this was done on Manga Debut 4, it wasn't originally in grey scale, in fact I had used tones, but the way that Manga Debut saves bewilders me LOL. After getting some advice on the picture, well I shared and I got some advice from peeps which I'm very grateful to =D cause advice is the best way forward.

So I tried again but this time on Manga Studio Ex4 Demo on MAC. . . so I drew away only to find out as most of you may know already that I couldn't save the picture DX So the only way to work around it was to screen cap it and then take it into photoshop, crop and colour =D

I actually prefer the lineart on it's own over the coloured version, but seeing as I'd already coloured it in I thought that I should share =D I actually prefer Manga Studio on the MAC compared to on the PC, but that could just be due to the fact that I've been on the MAC for so long now, that I'm just not used to using a PC.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Sam and Bear

I would be lying to say I found this, it's been sitting on my shelf for the past months since I've moved back home. But I was wondering if it was worth sharing it online with peeps, so I scanned it in anyway. Here I present to you a continuation picture booklet that I did as part of my 1st year illustration project.

I have included photographs of what it looks like as the booklet, maybe later on I'll get it printed and sell it as a small booklet thing. [shrugs] We'll see what happens eh?

Sunday, 6 February 2011


Just some more practice, there will be quite a few of these I think, or maybe not. I need to work on the Fitzrovia stuff I've been given otherwise I will leave a bad impression DX

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Happy Lunar New Year!!

I'm on time YUSH!!!

Hahahaha, I've been drawing all day just to see what ideas I can come up with for this year, but eugh! I spent all day doodling and scrapping that I just ended up with a Bunny man TT^TT I wanted to draw a bunny woman, but my females aren't agreeing with me today. So yer, I've also been messing around to see which best way to do line art digitally and well, I have to say I do like the thin lineart. Just my drawings need that extra depth to it to make it work a bit more [shrugs] I want to improve the way I draw eyes, I've been absorbing other artists way of drawing again today [Miwa Shirow and Kazuaki are my bible for the time being]

I can't believe it took me so long to just end up with this DX oh well I suppose that is art for you. Next I will be working more on the Fitzrovia Youth Group stuff =D but hopefully I won't forget to draw more and update, until next time folks.