Thursday, 23 December 2010

Secret Santa Part 2

Ok so I said I probs wouldn't post the picture up until Christmas, but seeing as it was posted up on the Sweatdrop Forums, I thought that it would now be good to post it up on here too =D

When I was told that I would be drawing for John Aggs [blog], I actually panicked a bit. I mean I'm drawing for the big man Aggs. . .  his art is awesome. And I'm, well. . . I was scared that I would disappoint [yer the usual Jatzu reaction to most things]. To be honest I was pretty stuck as well on what to draw, he is like an opposite to me based on taste in genres, however we do have a common ground. And that is smexy ladies =D I originally was going to draw like a set of ladies in smexy poses, but I couldn't quite figure out the poses and wasn't sure that I would have time. In fact because I left it til like after the 15th of Dec I didn't have enough time to draw all those smexy ladies and have time to colour them all.

In the end I decided to draw just the one lady where I could put the text on her body [part of the original idea as well]. I usually get really impatient when it comes to colouring digitally, which means I rush through it. This time I took my time, there was no rush and I was allowed to actually really concentrate properly on it, which has left me quite satisfied with the colouring. I enjoyed it thoroughly and to be completely honest, I think this is actually one of the best pieces that I have coloured in so far.

Anyway I hope that everyone enjoys their holidays, and hope to look forward to more art in the coming New Year!!!

PS. TT^TT I did a spelling mistake in the picture, I spelt Christmas wrong DX Oh well. To another Year!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Secret Santa!!

So as part of the festivities, every year there is a Secret Santa on the Sweatdrop Forums. I take part whether I'm busy or not, I think it's a case of no matter how busy I may be I will squeeze it in. Last year I didn't receive anything, which I don't mind, but it would have been nice to hear from the artist [shrugs] they never really came back I suppose LOL.

But and a big BUT! Thanks to Darth Mongoose's arrangements I managed to receive one this year, and to be completely honest I am well happy about it =D I'm actually still smiling. Receiving art makes me a very very happy person, so a big THANK YOU to Black Rider =D She drew me a very awesome picture.

© Black Rider

It's Kakashi holding a Panda Scarf, for me? [points to self] =D

Wah!! I seriously am ecstatic, gona be smiling for like the next few days up til Christmas. Thank you again Black Rider =D

I also did a drawing myself, but I will wait til after Christmas to post it up or I might post it up on Christmas Day =D I wish you all a very Happy Merry Christmas and New Year!!!

Monday, 13 December 2010

A Song Is Born

Hah the title was inspired by Ayumi Hamasaki's 'A Song Is Born' from the album, 'My Story Classical'.

I was actually walking through my local park when the song came on and it made everything seem ever so epic hahahaha. I actually took some photos, but you know it doesn't really do what I saw any justice. So yer just listen to the song and imagine you've walked through the park and the sun is shining through the trees.

You also have squirrels in the grass scurrying, and there are also crows, seagulls and magpies flapping about. I would have taken a picture of those things too but as most would know, if you try to get close they just run or fly away so yer that wasn't gona happen kekekeke.

Also just looking down the path made the song match the scenery. My mind is so in a movie kinda phase at the moment, but it's also thanks to my iPod, it seems to know the right moments and puts on pretty much the right music for background usage hahaha. The funniest thing was as I got to the end of the park, the song ended and seeing as there was a road full of cars, the next song that came on was a pretty rocky one. Just gotta love Marlo [yes I named my iPod], it's a shame the battery isn't lasting as long as it used to, I'm getting 3-4 hours max on it now compared to the old 9-10 hours TT__TT

Now onto other things, I've been working on Christmas related things, made a few cards and sent them out to people. So I thought I should share them on here too =D

I still have a few more Christmas related pictures to work on, I have one more card to do for my Aunt, and then a picture for my Old man to put up on the shop, should do those soon otherwise they'll just continue to nag me and I will just get annoyed lol. I also still have a Secret Santa image to complete for Sweat Drop, I have it planned out, but need to actually draw it out, well at least I like to think I have it planned out kekekekeke. THEN after all this Christmas stuff I really REALLY need to work on my Comic, otherwise I really won't make it for the competition. I just need to suck it up and draw it, Comics aren't a comfort zone for me so I find it particularly scary to do, BUT I REFUSE TO LET IT KICK ME DOWN CAUSE I'M GONA KICK BACK!!!