Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Final Year Film

I never actually posted this up, but I have finally decided to. Seeing as my film wasn't getting anywhere at any film festival that I applied for, I might as well put it up and show the rest of yous n_n

So here you have my Final Year Film for my Animation Course, Enjoy!

Edmund Request

안녕하세요!! [Hello in Korean]

I didn't mention that I was learning Korean last time =P well there you go I'm learning Korean, I'm still very much a beginner, cause technically I've only had two lessons with my teacher, whom is a very lovely person. But this post isn't about that, this post is to really showcase what I did in about an hours time. I know I should spend more time on my art especially if I want to make them better and well just to produce a finished polished off piece of work, whatever lol.

This was a request from my sister for her friend, he provided me with a photo so I just drew =D So yer here it is.

 The photograph given

The picture I drew © Jatzu Lam

I think I muffed up his mouth, but it makes him look happier lol and his nose and chin. . . yer. I think I like his eye and hair the best =P Eyes and hair is always a favourite with me, so I think I would enjoy it better and so the outcome always seems better lol, that is also only my opinion. You can totally disagree with me kekekeke. Anyway lets just hope he likes it and if I'm not wrong, it is also the guys birthday today so Happy Birthday to you Edmund!!

Friday, 26 November 2010


Yush this is a very quick update, cause I haven't in ages I think. . .  and mah, not been feeling very good. Just been feeling stressed and down, not a great combination I tell you. Hopefully I will get over this crapness and be all back to my smiley self, well just my more non stressed self =D

Here have some drawings to enjoy whilst I sort myself out.

Also free requests/commissions are still opened, just drop me an e-mail or PM me on DA or on any other sites that you know me from. I might be a bit slow with them cause my Christmas is piling up with other drawings, but I will get them done I promise =D