Thursday, 8 July 2010

Small updates


Been a while, almost a month. I thought I should update this before it gets forgotten =P

Right first of all I have a link to my website:
So feel free to check that out!!

Secondly I have a 1min clip of my final year animation project

Enjoy that as well!!

And lastly, I'M UN-EMPLOYED!!! Someone give me a job... ;;_;;

I have finally officially graduated from University, but now feeling all the ever more lost then usual, my drawings have gone haywire and I'm getting easily frustrated with them. I will need to doodle constantly just to get myself back into the swing of drawing, so this will be a period of mutilating my characters. I can't even do decent enough designs at the moment to satisfy myself, I think it's also cause I've gone down the route of simple line work and now that I want to do something with far more detail and with more usage of black I'm struggling a lot. But I'm determined to improve whilst hunting for jobs. So everyone wish me the best of luck!!

Oh aside from all the downers I have a small bit of good news, I was featured on the Imagine Animation E-mail Newsletter =D Yay!! Exposure n_n

A pre-warning too, I won't be updating for about a month as I will be out of the country, hopefully I will come back and present to you photographs of my wonderful stress free holiday =D

Peace out!!