Sunday, 13 June 2010

Spot Of Fanart

OK so I don't usually do fanart, reason? I just don't like to, why? Cause I can never really get the characters to look as they originally are, despite wanting to draw them in my own style. . . yes I suck like that. But anyway I broke my own rule for a friends birthday =D

I present to you Jiraiya [Naruto], Ichigo [Bleach], Edward [Full Metal Alchemist] and Naruto [Naruto].

I know very well that Ichigo looks nothing like Ichigo. . . to be honest, without his Shinigami-ness he is technically a very ordinary looking character. . . well I hope that I haven't ruined the characters, and yes I know my inking sucks. I'm looking into that at the moment, I have officially made Miwa Shirow my bible, so I'm trying to study his style of inking. So until I have mastered the technique or found a technique that I like, expect to see more crappy inked works from me =D

Friday, 11 June 2010


So there is no better title apart from the date, I've been working on my website for the past few days, so all my time has been dedicated to that. Flash AS3 coding is hard ;;_;; I'm struggling and am thoroughly stuck at the moment, the only thing I can really do on it is to code it so that buttons go from one page to another lol, I pretty much fail at it. But don't worry I will link to show you guys what I have been up to once I finish it and get myself a domain.

Other then that there isn't really much to update, I've done a few sketches, I miss inking with nibs so I think I will take these next four days doing that seeing as I have to wait for my tutor to help me out with the AS3 coding, but I also recently re-watched Miwa Shirow's Ultrajump inking thingy. . . yer. . . he's my idol. I want to steal his brains, but after watching him ink, I too now want to ink like him and draw like him and just be him LOL here's me hoping.