Friday, 23 April 2010

Animation Background

Hey guys!!

Been so busy lately with my animation that I literally haven't had the time to draw, been editing it from morning til night and even after Uni I'm editing at home ;_; also means I've had very little time to eat DX I want to be able to eat. But with that aside, I have something small, well I say small it's actually quite big but none the less it is still just a small update. I'm currently working on the backgrounds for my animation so here I present to you one of the backgrounds that will be used. It's nothing special but it does the job of filling white space =D

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Day After


No update for a long time I think. . .  hang on. . . yer my last update was the 30th of March, so it's been like 2 weeks. . .  that seems like forever ;_;

Anyway, I'm not just here to ramble I'm here to show you some works of mine, well technically doodles =D and I think I will give you a lil treat to 2 clips of my animation, I have finished drawing the whole thing but I won't be recording til tomorrow =D so yer you'll have to deal with low quality stuff for the time being.

But first is first =D I will show you the doodles I have done during my Easter Break which isn't a lot.

And the not so long awaited clips =D

Hope you enjoy the clips as well =D

Something amazing happened yesterday, not only was it my Birthday. But a friend whom has only met me once bought me a 1 year Premium member thingy on DA, she really wowed me with it. Because in all the 4 years that I have been with DA I have never bought a Premium membership, this was cause I never thought I'd put it to use, but now that I have one I feel like I should draw something everyday and put it to good use and the likes. But then this boils back down to me, I can't technically draw something good everyday and upload it onto DA cause, well... not every sketch of mine is presentable, and I'm sure people on DA would prefer finished works rather then my naff doodles. I will make use of it somehow!!

But a feature is in order!! 
Tenshianna is the lovely person!!!