Saturday, 27 February 2010

To Even Things

I've been updating a lot on the BJD end of things, so I thought I should really update the Art end as well. Here are just two doodle sketches, I've been drawing a lot more then this, and I'm currently working on a digital piece which will take a while to finish. You won't be surprised by it either heh.


My scanner is being a bit funny, but I suppose it's retaliating cause I haven't used it in a while, anyway here is my first ever 8 people group drawing, I'm surprised by it to be honest... it doesn't look as shabby as what most of my group shots look like. 

And some character drawings for thought =D this was just a few randoms of Tren, this boy's hair has been driving me crazy, I can't seem to draw it to how I want it to look like and I don't even know for sure on how I want it to look like cause I can't imagine people... they're all blurry... just like my dreams. Anyway I will keep doodling, even though I'm drawing 20-40 frames a day which is pretty good for me, I'm starting to slow down a bit, especially when I really need to be picking up the pace... anywhos, expect to see more doodles up until May-ish time.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Frame Tests

Here are some tests of the actual frames that will be used for my final animation, just thought you might like a sneak peek n_n

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Final Animatic

I know I promised to have this up on Monday, but I went to the first showing of the British Animation Awards thingy yesterday which prevented me from uploading anything, it was pretty decent albeit a few random ones that I didn't like so much. And by the time I came home after the showing it was just in time for The Cleveland Show, so yer... n_n;; forgive me.

I am also happy to say that I got a really nice compliment from my tutor when she saw this, she instead of analysing my work actually ended up sitting there and just watching the animatic. Although some of my cuts and film language would not have worked alone, the music actually pulls it through and makes it work so yer n_n I'm all happy, now to just make the final thing look even more amazing, I'm just worried that my final thing will be very stiff as an animation and not look as good as the animatic, which would technically then render me as a useless animator, and unworthy of getting a job. But lets not hope for the worse just yet =D

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Work Area

Right no animations or drawings today but a photograph of my current work area, yush it'll most probs get a bit more hectic after tomorrow seeing as I have to annotate my storyboard just so I know how many frames I need for each section. I will get the final animatic plus notes on this blog by Monday, I've kinda exceeded Vimeo's uploading limit so yer. Til Monday folks =D

Monday, 1 February 2010

How Not To Do Perspective

Yo! I have a few drawings that I did whilst at Uni today, they're nothing amazing, it's mainly me trying out perspective and failing HEH! So yer we have ourselves a bobble headed character YAY! And Kash with legs that just don't match up with her body even more YAYS! Oh and to finish it off a small self portrait with a speech bubble in Korean saying, "What?"

For your curiosity, I am not Korean, I just have an interest in the language =D

On an extra side note, my animatic has uploaded onto Vimeo FINALLY! But yush, the ending still needs a bit of tweaking, I'll work on that tomorrow so Yush! Enjoy!