Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Summer Sketch

So the summer has begun, well it's been summer for a while now, for me anyway heh! Although it's been quite rainy, but hey it ain't British weather if it doesn't rain during summer.
Anyhow loads have been happening at my house lately, we're adding two rooms up in the loft so there are construction workers here at my house practically everyday, making me wake up at around 8am =_=

I'm also having to help out at the Chinese/chippies that my dad runs due to the fact that my mother needs to look after the house and also due to the fact that the head chef is on holiday, so yer now I stink of fish and chips ¬_¬ not a very attractive smell I tell you. Anyway I'm lucky enough that my dad allows me to draw whilst at work, so that is exactly what I do when I get bored, so I've finally decided to scan them and upload them n_n not much really just loads of sketches based on four original characters, two of them I originally created for my final year animation and then later on went off on a tangent and created two more heh! So yer I need to think a bit more about what I need to more like want to do, so yer more planning BYASAA!

Oh I also went to Thorpe Park, I went on stealth and man was that a fast ride, waiting an hour at least in the queu, sat in the seat of the ride and then 10 secs later it was over, that is exactly how fast it was. I didn't go on Saw though which was a bit of a shame, but by the time I did come round to it I was way too tired to be scared anymore he he he he, anyway enough of my rambling, enjoy my drawings n_n