Thursday, 30 April 2009

Lip Sync

I haven't updated this thing in quite some time now.... due to laziness and BJD ogling... yer I know my bad heh!
But I do have an update, I've finished my lip sync well kinda I'm having technical problems with it but I don't think I can do much to try and sort it out seeing as I've exported the damn thing like 10 times now and it still isn't working... -_- But oh well, it will just have to do. 

Oh and I voiced this one, but obviously a load of effects have been added to it. ENJOY!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Traveling Sketches

Ok, so I got a job during this Easter holiday at Another Tongue. Pretty basic work was given to me, it was to just trace the faces of footballers, football managers, MPs and so on. But the travel to work was quite long in the mornings , so to help me pass time I sketched on the trains. YAY! for uber jolting, but other then that, I've been trying to break away from the way I draw which most of you will know is an Anime/Manga/Easterrn style.

However... no matter what I copy or what I do... I just can't break away from it... this is gona be a real hard challange... breaking away from the style of drawing in which I learnt to draw in, I don't want to be stuck and catagorized as just being able to draw that way. I want to be able to draw in many different ways... but I suppose only time can help me hey? Anyway I hope you enjoy looking at my boring sketchs WHOOP!

Friday, 10 April 2009


I haven't updated this in a while now, I don't think I will during this Easter holiday. I'm working again at the voicing agency, I kinda met Marc Warren (The guy from The Hustle, I have no idea myself don't even watch the show). But yer he was in the office, I kinda just walked by waved and carried on not knowing who the hell he was. I'm tracing many faces at the moment, it's fun to the point that I make everyone all funny coloured, but it's boring in the sense that that is all I'm doing tracing faces, but I'm learning a bit about facial structure which is weird cause at the moment I can't even draw a god damn face!!! But I'm managing to draw miniature poses whilst traveling to work on the tube every morning, I suppose I can consider it my morning draw at 9am. Anyway that wasn't the point of this post, the point was that I have an unfinished picture to show you all, I have lost motivation to complete it, so yer this will forever stay unfinished.