Saturday, 21 February 2009

Smoking Harro

Ok, so technically speaking I think I've done the least work amongst the whole animation group. Almost everyone has done a line test for their collaborative, I haven't even thought about it... I might want to crack one out this weekend or at the start of Monday. But anyway I went to life drawing today, and OMG does it feel good or what to just draw a human body without it having to be perfect? But damn I was stood in between Nibs and Pandatoots, and man are they good. I totally forgot how good they were until I looked over their shoulders, so yer I shifted away from them, which also gave me an excuse to change my perspective of the life model.

But yes there was another point to this whole thing, right so I wanted to draw some more. I was planning on doing some digital paintings just to make some photographes of my pictures look better but I was un-inspired, so instead I started to chat on MSN with Pockets and Rabbit whilst doing so I decided to do some more life drawing on the MSN doodle thing. After that I just wanted to draw something on photoshop so I did and here is what I got.

Let me introduce to you a smoking Harro, yes I have decided to name the character Harro. I know the background could do with some work, so yer I'm looking to improve of painting backgrounds, but hey I'm pretty proud of this. Although I did use darker colours to mark out some areas technically speaking this picture has no lineart... which is pretty good for me, cause everything I do has a black line! Oh and I also designed a signature thingy, just so that I didn't need to write my name on each drawing ruining it, instead I could just put the signature on it and be done with it, WHOOP!

Friday, 20 February 2009


Yes, I know, I know. I'm up at a ridiculous hour and I've just handed in my BBC project but yet I've gone and started on the next project straight away, anyway just to keep this thing up to date like everything else, I'm posting my character sheet.

Name: Rero

D.O.B.: 11/02

Rero was originally a character whom was scared of the dark, but I want to play a bit more with his personality depending on the storyline, so at the moment I’ll just keep with the fact that he likes glowing things and his face glows in the dark too. (P.S. if you're following the collab blog, yes, yes this is exactly the same comment I made there.)

Thursday, 19 February 2009

BBC Springwatch

I have finally finished my BBC project, it's not my best drawn animation, there are so many faults but I am beyond caring. However I won't be posting the animation up today, I'll post it up once BBC has put it onto their site. The only difference will be that there are no credits on my original version due to the BBC needing to put their own credits onto the animation.

Are you disappointed? Don't be, because I have STILLS well technically only three.... heh... sorry, I know it's bad that I'm being quite secretive, but meh thats just my nature. So yer, you get to enjoy the stills, but no worries it'll soon be up and ready for your viewing n_n

I have to think of a synopsis for my animation... but I can explain it all in one sentence.... unless I want to advertise it.... I don't know.... oh well, anyway enjoy the lovely screen caps n_n

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Trip To Holland

Ah ha!

Yush! I am back from Holland, it was a very tiring trip. So much was packed into those few days that there was barely any time to breath, I had loads of fun though. I enjoyed cycling into the Uni everyday, despite it raining most of the time heh!

The journey there was alright, I hadn't slept like the night before... which was bad so I ended up being awake for about 35 hours, stupid? Yes. We trained it from Norwich to Harwich which took about 1 hour and a bit, then got on a Ferry from there and went to Hoek van Holland, now that was 6 hours... I kinda napped on the Ferry, I was drifting in and out of sleep, so got a max of 1 and half hour sleep. Then once we arrived in Holland, we trained it to Rotterdam Central, then from there to Breda. So in total that was a 12 hour journey, it was just so tiring heh!

But yes my work there was to create a character and collaborate with a student in St Joost (the uni in Breda), that was quite nerve racking because I'd never met any of them before, and a lot of them were quite quiet so it was hard to start a conversation with them, but in the end it was alright. We were all forced into an almost speed-dating process, where we were paired up and had to discuss possible storylines between our characters. So that meant I got to know some of the students a bit better, it was quite cool discussing stories, but man was that tiring, my brain just went dead. But in the end I paired with someone called Willeke.

Here is a picture of both our characters together, hopefully we'll get a pretty good story together and make it a great watch.

And here is a video to show the insanity we went through during the late hours of Holland, also to show the bikes we had heh, how drunk most of us got, drunk to the point where we found it hard to find out way home... but in the end most of us did, all thanks to the maps provided. Oh and in the video are Dickyson, Saunds and Hearns is the one riding round in circles, the two people you can hear laughing are Pandatoots and Ryal, I'm silent through the whole thing.

The journey back was quite awful for me, it was kinda rough on the ferry... I got a bit sea sick hah! How pathetic am I? Very. But yer I ended up going to sleep in a cabin and had to switch bunks with Nibs, just in case I needed to throw up heh. I got my tutor quite worried as well... but none the less I ended up sleeping like a baby, only for Nibs to wake everyone in the Cabin 2 hours ahead of time because he got confused between the time zones and had added 2 hours to the UK time. But yer as soon as I got home from the station I KOed I slept the whole day, and well lets say that now I am fully recovered n_n and back to work it is for me, I still have one more project to finish which is the BBC ¬_¬ that just seems to never end...